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2011-12-15 - English
Istider på gång.Photo : Mats Forsgren

Ice yet again

Now the ice is freezing and its advisable to be on the look out!

You should avoid streaming water: rivers, narrow straits of the lakes and in the archipelago, streams and creeks outlet, and close to cracks in the ice, the ice decreases in resistance. The beach reeds makes the ice to be like a sieve and therefore fragile.

Tips on good equipment:

• ice prods are a personal minimum equipment. Hang the studs around the neck with the tips secured.

• ice axe or-rod is a solid rod with a steel tip with a stroke  that will get through 5 cm thick ice. With the rod, you can check the ice thickness and with that help, you can save yourself or another person from the icy water. An ordinary wooden stick is better than nothing at all.

• Lifeline must be  kept available at all time, for example in the backpack's side pocket. It allows you to save a person who has fallen in to the ice.

• Backpack with hip belt and crotch strap acts as a buoyancy aid when it is packed with spare clothes and towel in a waterproof bag.

•A whistle to call for help.

• Also take a friend with you - do not walk alone on the ice!

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