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2015-11-01 - Samhällsinformation

What is Advent?

Advent comes during the darkest time of the year. Everyone lights advents lights and candles. Advent starts four Sundays before Christmas Eve.

People who come from different cultures may wonder why Swedish people celebrate Advent. The point of Advent is the anticipation of what is to come-Jesus. Advent means arrival in Latin and its the expectation of the arrival of Christ. In Swedish homes, people light the first lights on the 1st Advent ,the second lights on the 2nd Advent and so on...This year the first Advent is on the 29th of November. The dates varies from year to year.

Celebrations go on in families, among freinds, in workplaces and in schools. Children start longing for Christmas gifts. People start drinking glögg and eating pepparkakor. Christmas food is slowly introduced in meals.

We see Advent lights by almost every window. The star that hangs by the window symbolises the Star of Bethlehem which lit over the town when Jesus was born. There are hearts and chains lights of  various kinds. The lights and stars light up the darkness that exists now and also illuminates the minds of people here in Nothern Sweden.

Advent has also increasingly become one of the year`s major church holidays in Sweden. In all churches the celebration is a little more organised with singing and music. Many here in Sweden are no longer practical Christians but traditions are still strong.

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