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2011-12-09 - English
Foto : Bokani Ncube

New Arrivals In Örnsköldsvik

"It was a miracle to find ourselves in Sweden. I remember my first days in Sweden were very happy, it was a joy to see us away from the war", says Clementine from Rwanda.

Clementine is a mother of four. She lives at Järvstagatan in Sörliden. Clementine and her family arrived in Sweden in 2003 after escaping the civil war in Rwanda. They were received by Intergrationsverket who helped them settle into the society by among other things providing information about the community.

Clementine says they received all information on paper and she did not take it seriously and lost most of the information. She later regreted this as her family found it hard to intergrate. "We need to have continuous information on these topics , a paper is not enough to remember such important information", she says.

Clementine says the first days in Sweden were very cold , but it made her happy to be here because she felt safe. She knew that it would not be easy learning the language and intergrating into society but she was willing to give it a try.

Clementine advices all new-comers to Sweden to make full use of  Komvux to learn the Swedish language as it is the key to effective intergration into the Swedish society. Clementine´s goal is to learn a trade that will enable her to find work.

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