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2011-12-10 - English

Winter in Sweden

To live in a country with cold winters and snow is new to many who for various reasons have come to live in Sweden. Here in Örnsköldsvik, winter is a little late this year and warm clothes have not been needed yet.

When it is below 0 degrees all day , five days in a row then its winter. In the past it has been in early December. In Örnsköldsvik we normally have winter in mid-November. If you live in Bredbyn or Solberg, it may be winter one week earlier.

It is good to have warm clohes in winter weather. Sometimes it is better to stay inside and be outdoors as little as possible if there is a blizzard. Watch the weather reports on the television or listen to the radio to keep informed about the weather.

In cold winter weather from -5 to -25 :

-have a warm winter jacket. Top layer should be strong and be both wind and water resistant. Have 2-4 layers of clothes inside winter jackets.

-The legs should have warm covering pants that are wind and water resistant. For children nylon overalls are good and practical.

-Have warm socks and warm winter shoes that are high and have a good grip on the slippery snow..

-Have a warm hat that covers the ears. Protect the neck and face with a warm scarf.

-Warm lined gloves are good to keep the hands warm.

If you have suitable clothes it is wonderful to be outside. Both children and adults can enjoy winter sports like skiing and riding the snow scooter.

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