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2012-01-13 - English
Photo: Mats Forsgren

Information from the Kommun board

Here is brief information from the Kommun board meeting held on the 10th of January 2012.

New football arena under construction

In 2012, a new football arena is  to be built in Ornskoldsvik, on the gravel football pitch by Parkskolan. The kommun is proposing to say yes to the SEK15 million budgeted for the arena. 1,2 million is earmarked for operating and capital costs from 2013 onwards.

Paradisets rebuilding and training center final report
The municipal council is proposing to approve the final accounts of the redevelopment of the Paradisets rooms and rescue training facilities.
The redevelopment of Paradiset includes both "Step in" energy efficiency and costs SEK6,13 million , 870,000 lower than budgeted, and the project "Paradise Hotel" which costs a total of SEK8,2 million , 2,2 million dollars more than budgeted.

 New action plan for safety and security
The municipal council is proposing to approve the municipality's new policies for safety and security.The program covers areas such as crime prevention, suicide prevention, senior safety falls, water safety, road safety and extraordinary events.

 New guidelines for representation
The municipal council is proposing to approve new guidelines for internal and external representation in local government activities. The new guidelines for representation come into effect from 2012.

 New guidelines for personnel administration matters
From 2012 the new guidelines for the delegation of decisions and inclusion of  personnel in administrative matters. Changes have been made with regard to fixed-term contracts, termination and pay reviews.

 The municipality requests an appeal
The municipality expresses discontent over three orders of legality under the Local Government Act taken by the Administrative Court in Harnosand in November last year. All the cases relate to the council decision to approve Övik Energy's funding for Sekab. The administrative court says that the municipality's appeal came too late, while the municipality believes that administrative law has been unclear in appeal time and now wants to appeal again.


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