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2012-01-17 - English

Making music at ABF

A few nights a week meets three guys together to make music by ABF's new music studio. David Bolonya, Jonathan Tinduni and Stephane Tinduni are trying their luck in music production.

ABF offers material and the environment for people to put their talents into practice. The three boys are using this opportunity to produce music using the digital audio equipment Cubase 6. They add light up rap lyrics to the music.

All three boys sing and rap and they take turns to record and mix. The lyrics are in Swedish and are mostly about love. The trio started with rap as early as 2007. Stephane has  been on the music scene for a while, including the Sliperiets Rockforum. Under the stage name Petitto, Stephane did a cover song for  Newkid`s , ``Jag gråter bara i regnet`` which is on Youtube.

Their dream is to become well known musicians in Sweden. After high school, Stephane plans to continue with music at  Musikmakarna. Being able to record a demo is a good start for the trio and a productive way to spend free time.

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