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2012-02-04 - The swedish life of Bokani
My frozen eyebrows Photo: Bokani Ncube

-21 in Örnsköldsvik

I have never been so cold in my life like today. Thirty minutes outside left me with frozen eyebrows.

Today i experienced the coldest day in my entire life. The air outside was so cold it was hard to breathe and when i took off my gloves for a second i felt as if i was being attacked by a swam of bees.

Suprisingly it seemed like a normal day in town with many people walking about and doing some shopping. I guess if you have lived in the cold all your life you get used to it. I hope my body learns to tolerate the cold temperatures because it looks like its going to be like this for a while.

One good thing about today though is that I learnt a lesson, when its -21 degrees do not go outside......

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