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2012-09-17 - Peters teknikblogg

Blogg: Sverige är världens bästa webbland!

Enligt World Wide Web Foundations Web Index är Sverige världens bästa land på att utnyttja webben. Tvåa kommer USA följt av Storbritannien.

Här nedan kan du läsa motiveringen:

"Of all 61 countries, Sweden takes top place in this year’s ranking, with high marks across the three sub-indexes. But some of its scores are surprising: Sweden tops the list for overall impact of the web (the most heavily weighted sub-index), taking first place for political, second place for social and third place for Economic Impact. And it is second highest on the global list in terms of Readiness, scoring third for Communications Infrastructure and fifth for Institutional Infrastructure. Yet in terms of the use and breadth of the web, Sweden has definite room for improvement, taking the twelfth spot on the list overall. Why is this the case? According to our data, while roughly 91% of Sweden’s population uses the web, the information available to them is surprisingly low compared with other top-ranking nations."

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